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About Angora Rabbits

We chose to raise angora rabbits because of the amount of the amount of fiber they produce in a short amount of time. They don’t take up as much space as other fiber giving livestock and they are generally friendly and fun as an indoor pet.  Their fiber is called angora, as apposed to mohair from angora goats. Angora rabbits need to be clipped or plucked every 90 days unless you are keeping them in show coat.  English, French and Satin angoras may be plucked/combed  or sheared depending on the bloodlines, meaning whether or not the my have been selected to naturally shed (blow) their coat. German and Giants were selectively bred to hold their coat and must be sheared with electric clippers or scissors.

There are 5 breeds of angora rabbits. Four are recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA); French angora, English angora, satin angora and Giant angora. German angora has its own breed association, International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders (IAGARB).

English angoras (6-7.5 lbs) have wool on their ears, face and feet called furnishings.  French angora (7.5-10.5 lbs) fur on their ears, face,  and feet ( no furnishings).  Satin angoras’ wool has a sheen to it due to the hair structure itself, but otherwise are similar in size and appearance to French angoras. The Giant angora was developed from the commercial wool production rabbit originally imported from Germany to the US in the 1980s, the German angora.

Things to consider when purchasing angoras, besides basic needs of housing and feed:

  • They can live 7-9+ years.
  • They need protection from extreme temperatures and predators.
  • Do you have time to keep regular maintenance of their coats to avoid matting?
  • Are you prepared to clip their coats when they need to be done, or know someone that can do it?
  • Are there zoning laws that restrict you from raising and/or breeding rabbits?
  • If you breed them, do you have space for their offspring?

Our farm raises, breeds and shows English and French angoras. The English are friendly and extremely adorable looking because of their furnishings and little round bodies. They require regular grooming because their coat mats more easily. And I enjoy showing them as well as the French. Some of the French can be more temperamental but I selectively breed for personality as well as body and fiber quality.

We have rabbits available depending on breeding schedules. I will post available rabbits. Please feel free to contact us if inquiring about them.


French Angoras

We currently are raising 4 litters of French angoras that were born on December 31st, 2020. We will have a few available sometime in the spring 2021.

Shady Acres Farm NC, English angora, Thomasville, North Carolina

English Angoras

We have decided to hold off on future English Angora breedings for the time being. We will be focusing on our French Angora show lines.